Stax Rax

Fantastic living box flowers delivered to Premier inn promptly, flower arrangement was great for the price, highly recommend

Olga Gromova

I was pleased with the incredible speed of the flower delivery! I ordered it in the morning, and my gift was with the recipient by lunchtime. Thank you for your effectiveness and beautiful bouquet! Special thanks to Elena for understanding the situation and the best solution to it

Alena Sergienko

Pleasant service, they listened to me and gave me advice on the bouquet, and it turned out great. The order was completed accurately and with all requirements. Excellent quality of service. Thank you.

Sergey Podberezsky

Great! Good job guys!

Oynur Zufarova

Many thanks to the team for organizing the bouquet delivery! Everything was worked out down to the smallest detail. Always in touch and answered all my interrogations and questions with patience and politely at any time of the day)))🙏 I am glad that I found such a reliable service👍 I recommend +++

Don Bon

I recommend it to everyone! Everything is beautiful! They do what you want, even better than you expect! I rate it with 10/11! Fast delivery. Thanks a lot 🌺🌺🌺🎉

Anastasia Kupchyc

We ordered a bouquet with delivery. The florist’s work and the flowers are wonderful. We were pleased with the wide selection of payment methods, among which we found the ideal one for us☺️

Vasiliy Kuzmich

Good service and quality! I recommend 💐

Hanna Berezovska

Amazing fresh flowers, easy to order, and on-time delivery! Perfect service 👌🏻

Ekaterina Kargina

I ordered flower delivery from these guys. I was completely satisfied with everything. Stunning bouquet and was very quickly delivered. And, most importantly, we needed it inexpensively, quickly, and efficiently!!! I recommend!!

Dmitry Pertsev

Excellent, fresh flowers. I ordered the next day, it was delivered quickly and at the indicated time.

Nikolay Voblikov

I ordered a bouquet for my beloved granddaughter in Buenos Aires. The order was fulfilled and delivered within a matter of hours. I am very pleased with the cooperation. Reliable and professional. Thank you so much. Guys, good luck to you.

Alexei Ivasechko

I bought flowers with delivery in Poznan, I needed a good bouquet with delivery the next day. Despite the inconvenient delivery time, they arrived even earlier than promised (the sooner the better). The bouquet is beautiful, my wife liked it 🙂

Arseny Beloglazov

I saw a lot of rave reviews, but I think the service is overrated, there are no questions about flowers and floristry itself in general, but the service itself could be better, this primarily concerns couriers. The courier arrived on time, but could not find the address and called, I explained the route – and he called again… As a result, after 10 minutes he finally showed up, this is a very important point, especially if you are going to leave.

Daniil Bagrov

I ordered flower delivery in Berlin. Everything was great, it was Sunday, and on Sunday in Berlin this is problematic, but the guys were great, they did everything quickly and beautifully, and the bouquet was excellent!


Thanks a lot for the fast delivery and fresh flowers! We were going to a celebration in Dnepr, but there were no flower shops along the way. I decided to order flowers on the site, since my husband had previously ordered flowers for me in Chernihiv, which traveled from Chernihiv to Dneprodzerzhinsk and remained just as beautiful, did not lose their appearance during transportation, having traveled halfway across the country without access to water… Based on experience, without any doubt, I ordered flowers to an address in Dnepr, and within an hour the flowers delighted the birthday girl! Thank you for your service and always fresh buds!

Oksana Sklyarenko

A huge thank you for the excellent service, and prompt delivery of happy moments in the form of a bouquet to loved ones and relatives.

Daria Davlatshoeva

They helped out a lot!) I was looking for gladioli and only found them here, they are also so beautiful🤩 thank you very much!)

Ivan Chepil

I am satisfied with the cooperation) Everything was done on time and as agreed! Thanks!

Vyacheslav Zolotukhin

They put together a very beautiful bouquet, my mother liked it) And quickly. Thanks!

Margarita Kishka

Good afternoon! We ordered a bouquet delivery for our daughter’s birthday. We are in Kharkiv, and our daughter is in Dubai. We doubted for a long time whether everything would work out, whether the bouquet would be the same as we chose… And now the long-awaited day has come… The bouquet was delivered, albeit late, but it was not their fault, the daughter did not know about the surprise, and she was not at home. And I began to worry, to write to the girls, but they were silent… If they answered, don’t worry, the bouquet is on its way, everything is fine… That was the only downside. And everything else is of the highest level!!! Thank you very much for the work you have done!!! The bouquet is gorgeous. Once again, I offer my deepest apologies to the girls for the fuss that I raised. Thanks a lot!!!! I recommend it to everyone!!! Reliable, high quality, comfortable!!!

Vitaly Ivanov

Highly recommend! I will order again)

Yuriy Karachintsev

Always the best price, quality, and speed!!! The best flower delivery in the world!!!

Irina Fursman

Exceptional service! I ordered flowers for my mom, who lives in Cyprus. The flowers and presentation exceeded my expectations: fresh roses, fast delivery, reasonable price! I highly recommend this flower delivery service, especially for international orders.

Svetlana Chernikh

I’m very glad I came across your store. Great service! All subtleties and little things were discussed and all wishes were fulfilled. My daughter was pleasantly surprised and very pleased! Thank you very much for the floral pleasure you delivered! I recommend!

Juliana Ali

They did everything very well, and on time, they didn’t cheat. They brought joy to my mother on the other side of the planet!

Igor Kalinin

This is not the first time I have contacted this company. Helped me in all the cities where I needed it. The price is reasonable. The service is precise. I will contact you again, I’m satisfied… pah-pah-pah, so as not to jinx it! Gleb worked with me, special thanks to him.

Oleksandr Grozyan

Excellent service and performance! They helped with the choice, delivered on time, and offered alternatives. Special thanks to Victoria!:) I recommend you and will continue to contact you!

Dmitry Dvornichenko

Thanks to the service that helps give people joy at a distance. Thanks to the managers for the patience shown to demanding clients. For your attention to every small detail and every nuance. Special thanks to the manager Victoria for her attention, accuracy, and of course for the excellent result. Thanks)

Elena Vodopyanova

We were pleased with the team’s work, the order was delivered on time and the flowers were fresh and met our requirements. Special thanks to Peter, who helped in implementing our plans, was always in touch, and answered all our questions. We and our birthday girl thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We recommend!!!!

Zhenya Zaporozhets

Excellent service, top-quality delivery, the freshest flowers, reasonable prices 😇

Olga Savenko

For the most part, everything was good, I was pleased with the floristry and freshness, it was delivered on time. Of the minuses, I would probably note that there is not a very wide selection of flowers for delivery on the same day (initially I wanted slightly different flowers) If you want something specific and rare, it is best to order in advance.

Yulia Yulia

Thank you very much for the exclusive delivery of mimosa! The only ones who were able to find these flowers were in February. Gorgeous bouquet, and a wonderful service. I am very grateful that you helped make such a wonderful surprise for my sister.

Yuri Vladimirov

Amazing! The guys did everything quickly and efficiently. I’m from Kyiv. Gave a bouquet to a girlfriend in Toronto. We were satisfied.

Elena Shkin

They agreed to approve the order even in the afternoon of December 31. All wishes were taken into account and a super bouquet was put together as politely as possible!! Thanks for your work and such a responsible attitude!

Dmitry Chernyatin

Promptly. Delivery on the day of order. I recommend.


This is not the first time I have used this company’s delivery service. Everything is always clear, fast, and convenient. Gleb is an excellent manager, loyal, polite, calm and considerate. He promised, he did. This is what is most valued when people are responsible for their words and keep their promises. Good luck!


Their services are simply the best 👌😘

Inna Begma

Thank you so much to the team for a perfectly executed order! The bouquet is amazing! Beautiful and fresh! Delivery was done very quickly. Communications are fast and clear. We will continue to contact the guys!

Viki Baum

Thank you) Everything was done very quickly and all the wishes were taken into account, the main thing is that the birthday girl is happy!

Aydin Jumakhan

Very excellent service! I placed an order for the Maldives. It turns out that it is very difficult to deliver flowers to the Maldives since there is now a quarantine, but the service did not disappoint, they delivered the flowers to the right place within a day. I will be contacting you in the future!! Thanks)

Sasha Rys

Thank you very much, girls! Very quickly and qualitatively! Manager Karina is very polite and nice! I recommend 🙂

Oleksandr Usenko

Good service. I took flowers for my mother. They quickly and neatly answer all questions in Telegram. I advise. Delivery arrived exactly minute to minute at the appointed time. I give 5 stars from the bottom of my heart. P.S. Mom is happy.

alex volvach

Cool bouquets, especially with exotic flowers. Fresh, bright! Thanks again.

Elena Puiu

Thank you very much for not letting me down and doing everything so stylishly and beautifully😻It’s a pleasure to do business with you, thank you for your responsibility😌. I wish you great success and prosperity💐I will order from you again!👍

Alenka Sassafono

I placed an order on the website, and I was very pleased, the delivery was fast, the flowers were gorgeous, fresh, and beautiful, and the administrator was pleasant.

Anyuta Kolyadych

Guys, I’m grateful for your work, everything was as usual on my last day, but you’re great, everything was fast and clear and everything was as I wanted, it worked like a charm! The birthday boy is happy! And yes, the flowers are gorgeous! I will cooperate with you in the future🤗

Kovalchuk Sergey

Super! I recommend the guys!

Vera Kharina

I ordered it for a friend’s birthday, and they delivered a stylish, spectacular original bouquet on time!

Anastasia Krivenko

All I have left are the most positive emotions. Everything was so fast that ordering and delivery took JUST 1 HOUR! The birthday girl is happy, and I am even more so! Thank you very much!

Alexandra Alexandra1

Thank you, we picked up the bouquet and delivered it the same day to Dubai. Convenient server for payment.

Svitlana Mosharova

Thank you very much! It was super fast to congratulate my mom, from Canada to Vinnytsia in 45 minutes!!! A beautiful bouquet with your favorite flowers! And most importantly, without any problems! Now all your relatives will be with flowers for the holiday! Thanks to everyone who participated!!!

Maryna Golovatenko

You work accurately, following the wishes of the client. Thank you for the wonderful bouquet for my sister’s birthday!

Arseniy Mischenko

The operator is just a sweetheart -10/10. Courier – thank you very much. They even fulfilled a special order) – 10/10. Nice guys)

Zarina Karpenko

Once again I want to convey my sincere, huge thanks to this amazing delivery service!!! I reviewed a bunch of sites, accounts, etc.! But everywhere there are unreasonably inflated prices for not the most interesting bouquets. Plus, the processing time for orders for international congratulations is 3-4 days, and I had a day, even less! And despite such a limited time, the manager and I quickly decided on the format, price, etc.! They did everything so quickly and beautifully that even with this on-the-fly approach, our bouquet still turned out to be the coolest among the others;) The birthday girl is happy! The surprise was a success! A magical delicate bouquet in a box is now in a safe house) Separately, I would like to note such details as a note for the bouquet, the availability of prepayment, and the possibility of transferring to a card. Well, the biggest plus is efficiency and understanding! In everything! Starting from a wonderful manager who was in touch with me constantly! And ending with handing over all this miracle personally! Guys, you are wonderful! Well, it’s true! You can congratulate a loved one from an office in any country in a completely different country! Wow! Thanks a lot to the whole team! I found them on Instagram by accident and now I won’t let them go anywhere!)

Nikita Dooda

They created a miracle! In Bali, there are problems with normal flowers that can be given… This delivery helped me, they did the impossible, and the girl’s joy knew no bounds! The bouquet is simple 🔥 everything was clear and on time

Tolya Bondarenko

Very good service💕 Thank you for making a loved one happy even many kilometers away💙💙

Artem Haidei

Delivered on the day of order, the order was ready within a few hours. Just what you needed when you are in a hurry to please your loved one!

Kateryna Sokolova

I liked the service! The bouquet turned out beautiful, the flowers were fresh, the recipient was happy!! Delivery in Dnepr, all wishes were taken into account. Thank you!

Ggg Ggg

I ordered a basket of flowers!!! I live in Cyprus, and the delivery was to Dubai. Very polite staff, they immediately answered questions and offered different options to choose from!!! Thanks a lot. Further prosperity!!!!!

Andrey St

Service at a high level, delivery within the specified time frame, professional work of the operator. I recommend!

Valeron M

These are mega guys! Contact without a doubt!

Yulia Pachepskaya

Many thanks to the company for the excellent work! Special gratitude to Peter! Helped me choose a bouquet and found an additional gorgeous soft toy on the day of my call! I didn’t even expect that this was possible. Delivered beautiful fresh flowers and a toy to the birthday girl in Bali. Great job! I recommend! This company can be trusted👍

Anton Pylypchuk

Everything was done superbly, as agreed. I recommend!

Irina Shrivastova

Ordered a bouquet from Belarus to Warsaw. Excellent service, very beautiful bouquet, fresh flowers, no problems with delivery. Helped with the delivery of champagne along with flowers. Thanks a lot! I recommend ❤️


Thank you for the quality service! The order was accepted very quickly. Hleb delivered everything, added a postcard, and made a photo report! The roses are fresh and of good quality. I will contact you!

Julia Lazarenko

I really liked the cooperation with the manager Yana! Thank you very much! Everyone is happy – both me and the culprits of the celebrations!!

Sergey Ivanov

Everything is great! I decided to make a surprise for the girl’s birthday! At that moment she was in Bali. I contacted the guys through Google. The first 30 min. I thought it was a lie because they organized everything quickly and responded to all requests. Until recently I was worried that miracles don’t happen! The girl is very happy, thanks!

Elena Volkova

Thank you very much for the wonderful bouquet! Everything was promptly delivered.

Dmitry Dugin

I found your company on the Internet. I really wanted to make a pleasant surprise for my wife. She was on vacation in Bali at the time. The order was made through Peter on WatsApp at 23.30. And my wife already received flowers at 8 am the next day. The flowers, or rather a basket of roses, according to my wife, are very fresh and very fragrant. Now I can recommend it, although I was a little doubtful before placing the order. Everything is too smooth. They answer quickly and clearly. Overall, the guys definitely know their stuff.

James Kurk

Great job, tigers👍👀

Alex Alex

I ordered delivery of flowers in a basket to Fethiye (Türkiye) from Ukraine. Excellent service, everything is in the best possible way! I was pleased with the accuracy and delivery time. I recommend! I will contact you again 😉

Elena Romashechkina

I’ve been using it for two years now! A great opportunity to congratulate relatives on the holidays from a distance! Always prompt with the report! Highly recommend! Thanks again!

Olga Nastradina

I ordered flowers for my friend’s birthday 🌺 The order was received quickly, there was a slight hitch with delivery, but the birthday girl still received the bouquet and was satisfied 👍 Thank you 💓

Anastasia Zubkova

In fact, it was my first time ordering a bouquet to America and probably, like anyone in this situation, I was worried whether it would be on time, whether it would be beautiful, but the guys worked very quickly!! They immediately offered interesting options. Everything is very beautiful 😍 the flowers are fresh. And, most importantly, love for your clients.

Alexander Epstein

I would like to say thank you very much for the instant answers, consultation, and service at a very high level… Placed an order in Dnepr from abroad, for my girlfriend… They helped me and gave me good advice. Thanks a lot. The girl liked it, and that’s the main thing.


Guys, thank you very much for the excellent work and timely delivery. I will recommend it to all my friends!

Danil Smirnov

I ordered flowers as a gift to my wife for her birthday. We were in Unawatuna in Sri Lanka at the end of January during a holiday. I contacted Peter by telegram. I agreed on everything – I received a small discount :))) I paid and all I had to do was wait and believe :)) The bouquet was delivered on time and without delay. I’m happy and so is my wife. Thanks a lot.