Zarina Karpenko

Once again I want to convey my sincere, huge thanks to this amazing delivery service!!! I reviewed a bunch of sites, accounts, etc.! But everywhere there are unreasonably inflated prices for not the most interesting bouquets. Plus, the processing time for orders for international congratulations is 3-4 days, and I had a day, even less! And despite such a limited time, the manager and I quickly decided on the format, price, etc.! They did everything so quickly and beautifully that even with this on-the-fly approach, our bouquet still turned out to be the coolest among the others;) The birthday girl is happy! The surprise was a success! A magical delicate bouquet in a box is now in a safe house) Separately, I would like to note such details as a note for the bouquet, the availability of prepayment, and the possibility of transferring to a card. Well, the biggest plus is efficiency and understanding! In everything! Starting from a wonderful manager who was in touch with me constantly! And ending with handing over all this miracle personally! Guys, you are wonderful! Well, it’s true! You can congratulate a loved one from an office in any country in a completely different country! Wow! Thanks a lot to the whole team! I found them on Instagram by accident and now I won’t let them go anywhere!)